20 Facts You Might Not Be Able to Forget
20 Facts You Might Not Be Able to Forget

20 Facts You Might Not Be Able to Forget

Think about the thoughts you have before you fall asleep — especially when you need to fall asleep very quickly. At moments like these, your brain starts wondering about different things that you never think about on a regular day like, how much does a cloud weigh? Can a person sense smells while they sleep? How much energy does a human body produce? Luckily for you, we found the answers to all of these questions!
You can know the degrees of an angle using just your hand. Spread your fingers as much as possible, and put your palm on a surface of the angle of which you want to measure. The little finger should lie on the bottom side and represents 0°. The angle between the thumb and the little finger will be 90°, the angles between the little finger and the other fingers are 30°, 45°, and 60°, respectively.
In your lifetime, you meet around 16 murderers and don’t even know it.
Every time you shuffle a deck of cards, you are the first person in history to have the cards in this specific order.
ou can find out the number of days in each month using your knuckles. Make a fist and start counting the months by knuckles. Each knuckle bump and gap is a separate month. Start to count on one hand, then, after reaching the end, start again with the knuckles of the index finger. If the month is on the knuckle bump, there are 31 days, if it’s on the gap, the month contains 30 days or less.
One 43 cm pizza is bigger than two 30 cm pizzas.
Human saliva contains a natural painkiller called opiorphin which is six times more effective than morphine. Additionally, opiorphin can have both an anti-panic and an anti-depressive effectThere are “prohibited” colors that our brain can’t imagine. They consist of shades which compensate for each other in human eyes, for example, red-green or yellow-blue. If someone asks you to imagine the yellow-blue color, you will think about green while in fact, there is a color that exists of both yellow and blue at the same time but we can’t imagine it.
The oxygen atoms that are now in our lungs, the carbon in our muscles, the calcium in our bones, and the iron in our blood were born inside stars and scattered around the universe when they exploded. This means that all of us are part alien and made of stardust.
By the time you are 60, you will lose half of your