See how the shape of your feet reveal your origin and personality

1. Roman feet

They have the peculiarity that the fingers descend in their size in a staggered manner, which allows the one who has them to walk with greater balance, since it is the most asymmetrical and harmonious form of all. Despite being the most common type of foot, these people are mysterious and so intelligent, that you can talk with them about any topic, that is, from the most intellectual and innovative, to the simplest. They are always willing to undertake any adventure, love strong emotions and have a heart that is worth gold.

See how the shape of your feet reveal your origin and personality


2. Egyptian feet

This type is very simple to distinguish since the big toe is longer than the others. They are characterized by being idealistic and dreamy people, which can often cause problems when facing reality. They value their privacy so much that they have a hard time opening up with others, so it is common for their mood to change frequently. They simply have a free and rebellious spirit by nature!


3. Greek feet

Although they are not the most common, they are very easy to identify, since the fat’s next finger is longer than the rest. Generally, these people have a great capacity for convincing, since they project too much confidence and curiously, many athletes have this type of foot. They are always full of energy and stand out as leaders wherever they are stopped and by the way, many say they are the best lovers.